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Established in 1988, Pluvitec is managed and directed by its members, who draw on their experience, intuition
and entrepreneurial skills, laying the foundations for great success in the field of waterproofing. With the help of talented collaborators, expansion of the wealth of technical information, technology and investments in innovation and research, the companys original idea soon became a real industry with few national and international equals in the field of waterproofing membranes.


Production has gradually diversified and developed
thanks to the introduction of innovative products.
A range of products for special applications and a
range of high-tech products have been added to a
range of ëstandardí products. Today the variety of
membrane types makes it possible to waterproof in
any aspect of construction. Knowledge of the inherent
characteristics of each product and the interaction
between the various components allow a technical
office to provide solutions to waterproofing problems
in the most varied systems.
In 1997, the systemís total quality excellence
involving every aspect of the product, from design
to distribution, earned Pluvitec its ISO 9001
Since 2005, for the companyís commitment to the
efforts made in adapting to the standards to respect
the environment, Pluvitec was certified according to
ISO 14001 environmental standards.

In addition, in 2012, Pluvitec earned the prestigious
BS OHSAS 18001 certification which establishes
the requirements for a management system to protect
the Health and Safety of workers, which ensures
compliance with the law and continuous improvement
as far as health and safety in the work place are
concerned. These certifications of quality can be
added to the large number of certificates of technical
competence earned by Pluvitec waterproofing
membranes. Issued by the leading Italian and foreign
institutions, they guarantee the properties of the
different products and their best use.
Pluvitec has always been involved with large-scale
roofing throughout the world, wherever new solutions
to waterproofing in construction are sought. The
company aims high, and the results show that they
were wise to invest in research and development,
which are synonymous with quality and technology.
The result is high quality, durable membranes.

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