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Aftek is a market leading brand from ITLS-TWA, a part of the ITLS International Development Co. Ltd founded in Asia Pacific in 2008. A subsidiary of NANPAO, one of biggest chemical groups in Asia Pacific, our parent is a well-experienced company with specialized industry expertise.


Thomson White Australia Pty Ltd (TWA) was established at the end of 1992 as the then merchants and industrial products distributor for Fosroc Expandite, at that time, a major manufacturer of specialty construction products. A manufacturer today as a part of the ITLSTWA business, the industry has seen the AFTEK brand grow to become a market leader. The Aftek range incorporates a broad range of highly engineered cement based products for
concrete repair, flooring, and critical structural grouting applications. Epoxy resin products are an important part of Aftek’s technology. High performance water based products are produced for use in brick and masonry construction.

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